Best Practices Shine at California Bankers Association Lenders Conference

Recently, we had the pleasure of attending the 29th Annual Lenders Conference, hosted by the California Bankers Association (CBA) in Rancho Mirage, CA. It was a great event attended by leaders in the lending industry, including chief lending officers, chief credit officers, credit administrators, loan administrators, and other key lending executives.

The goal of this conference was to help shape lending practices of the future. The best minds in the industry gather to discuss the evolving lending market. For us at QuickDraw Fund Control, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet with these industry leaders. The important issues covered will help us better serve the lenders we work with as a fund control company.

The 29th Annual Lenders Conference exceeded our expectations in every way. We walked away with a better perspective that will enable us to provide our clients the best service possible when it comes to handling funds disbursement and budget analyses for construction loans.

One of our favorite presentations was the seminar that covered the outlook of construction loan management. With the real estate crisis behind us, lending is starting to pick up again, but this time banks are entering the game more cautiously with each project. We notice this trend with our clients and found the presenter’s tips to evaluate contractors using the “3-C” strategy very helpful: Character, Capacity and Completion History. By focusing on these key issues when reviewing contractors for construction loans, lenders can be far better protected. We plan to use this approach when consulting with our lending clients and even within our own business. If you’d like to hear more, please email us. We’re happy to go into detail about the 3-Cs and their implications.

That was just one of the presentations out of many that we found to be both entertaining and informative. We left with many new ideas that will keep QuickDraw Fund Control at the forefront of providing fund control services in the construction loan management industry. Now, we can’t wait until next year’s conference!

April 30, 2016
QuickDraw Fund Control