Project Photo Documentation

High-quality photographs are key to detailing the progress of a construction project. They provide an in-person experience for lenders by giving them detailed, visual information that aids them in making payment decisions without having to leave the office.


At QuickDraw Fund Control, we pride ourselves on utilizing software to its fullest extent to streamline our fund control processes. We have refined the photo documentation process by using SaaS platforms and integrating with our existing software and infrastructure to capture images and merge them with reports to produce seamless and efficient results.


When a draw request is received, a trained inspector travels to the site to take photographs at all elevations—from the front, rear, side, above and inside. This comprehensive portfolio of  property photos supplements the written report and gives the lender a detailed view of the construction site’s current state of progress. Photographs either support the borrower’s request for funds or reveal that a request has been made in advance of completion, thus necessitating an adjustment to the draw.


By means of QuickDraw Fund Control’s proprietary technology, photos are captured using a digital form delivered to the site inspector’s mobile device. Once the inspector submits the completed form to us with their images and commentary, it is automatically transformed into a report that is immediately viewable by our Draw team.


QuickDraw Fund Control can also accept photos from a member of the construction team, such as the project manager or site superintendent, by delivering the same form via Truepic. Truepic allows someone from outside QuickDraw to capture images securely with image and device analysis. Whether the images are captured by a QuickDraw inspector or an outside project manager, they are integrated into a custom QuickDraw inspection report with the same level of information and analysis.


Many lenders who manage fund control internally choose to outsource site inspections to QuickDraw Fund Control for our thorough, accurate and timely reporting. Photo documentation and other services are always available a la carte to accommodate a lender’s needs.