Yes, There is “Fun” in “Fund Control”!

But only with QuickDraw Fund Control!

On your own, juggling municipalities, contractors, and deadlines looks something like this: you spend hours sending follow-up emails, leaving voicemails, and chasing down invoices.

You also deal with the confusion of communication issues, cost overruns, and construction schedule delays. But at the end of the day, things aren’t getting done on-time and your pain level is at a 10.

So, here’s how QuickDraw Fund Control helps projects run smoothly and takes the pain out of fund control. You get to work with a team genuinely passionate about helping your day — and projects — go as planned. We help you reduce overhead costs (no more phone tag), increase your bottom line and mitigate construction risk.

Why fund control is the solution

You’ve tried to improve processes, added in safeguards, learned to anticipate and deal with minor delays, but you’re still handling so many pieces all on your own. QuickDraw Fund Control is the partner every lender needs to manage project funds — for three reasons:

1. Speed up the process.

Did we mention our average five-day turnaround for the disbursement of funds? That’s made possible by our commitment to transparency, communication, and attention to detail. We begin each project by creating a disbursement schedule, that matches your clients’ chart of accounts, to maintain a consistent and orderly flow of work and payments. We keep you updated on the project’s progress and handle any detours that may come up. You won’t be the one chasing down invoices or leaving voicemail messages. We’re here to help keep your projects on track.

2. Accuracy is not optional.

We spot and address the red flags and keep an eye on every stage of the project. At the start, we perform Cost Reviews which validates the proposed project costs and helps to avoid expensive surprises.

During construction and the Fund Control stage, we review documentation, process invoices, releases and prepare the Draw Request package for funding. Additionally, our team personally visits the site to photo document the project’s progress. We approve the draw only if what has been requested has been observed, is appropriate and is supported with the required documentation.

3. Value your projects.

Your projects need protection. A single mistake in loan disbursement can be disastrous to every party involved. QuickDraw Fund Control recognizes the value of your project and promises to deliver on time and accurately.

Never too good to be true.

The old adage does not apply here because QuickDraw Fund Control is definitely good enough for: Rite Aid, 7Eleven, Starbucks, Dollar General and many Institutional and Private Lenders throughout the country.

Leading The Way In Project Fund Control

We lead every project as if your business is our business. It is our promise to be responsive, accurate, and deliver the value your business deserves.

Get started with QuickDraw Fund Control, contact us today!

December 4, 2018
QuickDraw Fund Control