QuickDraw Services Clients from Coast to Coast

Last week, we talked about some of the most common questions QuickDraw Fund Control gets when talking with lenders. But another popular question topic we receive centers around where we work. Oftentimes, prospective clients want to know about what areas we serve and how our team services such a variety of geographic regions throughout the country.

If you have those same questions, we’re here to answer them! Take a look at our answers to these common questions below.

1. What areas do you serve?
We work on construction projects nationwide and with lending institutions throughout the United States. Because we are based in California, a lot of our business is concentrated in the western region. However, we have active jobs in the Midwest along with some southeastern states. We are able to perform our fund control services anywhere we are needed. In fact, we were just contracted for a job in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

2. How can you cover projects all across the country?

We have an incredible team of experienced inspectors and fund control professionals, as well as a network of contractors and construction loan specialists. We are able to analyze construction budget outlines for approval, develop funds disbursement schedules, coordinate draw requests and perform detailed on-site construction inspection reports.

Our team is dynamic and flexible, which is what enables us to work with projects all over the country and provide timely service. After all, we are named QuickDraw because of our expedient response and quick handling of draw requests.

3. Do you look at everything yourself?

We have a great team of qualified inspectors based in different regions, which allows for detailed on-site inspections and progress reports before draw requests are approved.

“I also make it a point to visit every job personally,” said Greg Norris, Founder of QuickDraw Fund Control. “It is important for me to be involved with every project we take on as a company. I always want to make sure our clients’ best interests are protected.”

We’re happy to be able to provide our services for clients across the country. For more information about QuickDraw Fund Control and the services we offer, contact us today.

March 10, 2017
QuickDraw Fund Control