QuickDraw Fund Control Starts New Projects with New Faze

Recently, QuickDraw Fund Control was awarded two construction loan projects with New Faze, a residential and commercial development company in Sacramento, California. Both of these fund control projects will go towards new single family home development projects in the Sacramento area. We’re very excited to be working with New Faze as a new borrower along with the two lenders, Partners Capital Solutions and Omni Financial, LLC who are funding the different loans.

Since 1990, New Faze has been responsible for some of Sacramento’s top residential communities, retail centers, and commercial complexes. The team members are experts in urban, suburban and rural development, and have built homes, communities and commercial developments of all sorts.

QuickDraw Fund Control will provide fund control and on-site inspection services to New Faze for two upcoming construction projects: Urbane30 and Renaissance at Dry Creek. It was during our initial set-up with Partners Capital Solutions that New Faze referred us to Omni Financial, LLC, providing us with the opportunity to work for both projects.

Partners Capital Solutions is the lender for the Urbane30 property. They are a longtime client of QuickDraw’s and we have worked with them on many construction projects throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. Partners Capital Solutions works on tight deadlines and invests in its own funds, making it a one-stop capital source for qualified borrowers.

Omni Financial, LLC is a leading financial services company that will fund the Renaissance at Dry Creek property. They specialize in military lending to clients in Sacramento, but also provide funding for construction loans, such as this one with New Faze.

Aside from being in prime locations, Urbane30 and Renaissance at Dry Creek will have great features to offer. Urbane30 will be constructed as a 7-home community full of fresh, innovative amenities and Renaissance at Dry Creek will provide residents with a large collection home performance system options coupled with outstanding floor plans. Both properties will be crafted by New Faze to exude modern-style developments.

The QuickDraw team is honored to have been awarded these two construction loan contracts. We will provide site inspection and fund control services throughout the projects build cycle. We look forward to working with New Faze, Partners Capital Solutions, and Omni Financial.

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May 31, 2017
QuickDraw Fund Control