QuickDraw Fund Control Ready to Commence Major Construction Project for Bush’s Chicken in Phoenix

Throughout the past couple of years, QuickDraw Fund Control has really seen its footprint grow throughout the western United States. We have many ongoing and upcoming projects in California and a major retail center that is soon to be developed in Las Vegas.

One of our biggest projects that is getting started this summer is a 3,000 square foot Bush’s Chicken franchise restaurant. The original building is being completely rehabilitated from the ground up and will ultimately feature a groundbreaking triple drive-thru. It is a major undertaking and QuickDraw is certainly up to the task to manage the fund control process.

As construction gets underway with this building restoration, QuickDraw will then handle the fund control process every step of the way. As each phase of construction is completed, the next set of funds will be released according to funds disbursement schedule. This ensures that the build stays on budget and funds aren’t being used out of turn. In addition, QuickDraw Fund Control will handle regular on-site inspections and detailed progress reports, complete with up-to-date photos showing what’s being worked on. Again, this helps protect the lender’s assets throughout the process.

Bush’s Chicken was founded in Texas, where they have many franchise locations. This restaurant in Phoenix will be one of many planned for the Arizona market, so it represents a great opportunity for the franchise to grow. They are known for their family-oriented service and excellent recipes, so it is a business QuickDraw Fund Control is happy to be a part of the company’s growth. This is yet another exciting construction project that we are handling fund control and budget analysis for, so it should be a win-win for everyone involved!

July 25, 2016
QuickDraw Fund Control