QuickDraw Fund Control Provides Fund Control Services for New Sprouts Store in Las Vegas, Nevada

At QuickDraw Fund Control, we’re proud to offer our services in areas all over the country. From Southern California to the Midwest, we are here to service your needs, no matter where you are located.

Our team is currently working in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we are providing inspection and fund control services for the development of a new commercial center that will be home to a Sprouts Farmers Market store location.

Sprouts is one of the leading grocery chains focused on a healthy lifestyle and all-natural products. They are opening a new store at the corner of Warm Springs Road and Rainbow Road in Las Vegas and will be the primary tenant in this commercial development. The building will be 79,000 total square feet in size and it is being built from the ground up. It is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018.

The construction team behind this project is Dynamic Development, a leading commercial builder that has developed over 1,500 properties. One of their biggest advantages is having an in-house construction department, which means they directly manage the entire build cycle. That ensures quality and efficiency throughout the building process.

The Construction Lender for this Sprouts project is one of QuickDraw Fund Control’s longtime clients, Partners Capital Solutions. We have worked with them on numerous projects over the last eight years and we know they are one of the Strongest lenders around.

As for QuickDraw Fund Control, we will provide all the inspection and fund control services throughout the development of this property. Our team will be processing the draw requests as each phase of construction is completed. In order to do this effectively, we must perform on-site inspection reports in conjunction with each draw request. We will go in and check out the progress to make sure all the key objectives have been reached. Photo documentation and a detailed report are provided to Partners Capital Solutions, so they can decide if the next disbursement of funds is warranted.

Our team at QuickDraw Fund Control is excited to be a part of this development project and have the opportunity to work with Dynamic Development and Partners Capital Solutions. To learn more about QuickDraw’s fund control, cost review analysis, site inspection and funds disbursement services, contact us today.

April 20, 2018
QuickDraw Fund Control