QuickDraw Fund Control Planning to Attend 2016 Chief Credit Officers Symposium

The 2016 Chief Credit Officers Symposium, hosted by the California Bankers Association, will take place in Monterey, California on November 3-4. QuickDraw Fund Control will be attending, as we do almost every year. We always look forward to this great event.

The annual Chief Credit Officers Symposium is a great forum for sharing ideas, networking with other leading professionals in the lending industry and learning about the latest trends and ideas Chief Credit Officers are utilizing in today’s financial world. The symposium focuses on many different topics such as economic review, financial analysis, critical credit regulations, hot lending topics, state legislation, and credit products/services designed to benefit banks.

As a fund control company, we understand the importance of attending industry events like this. It’s vital for us to stay connected with what’s happening in the lending industry. We want to know what is important to Chief Credit Officers and help in further reducing Lenders risk for their loan portfolios. We always look for ways to serve our clients better and protect the financial interests of the lenders that we serve. That’s why we can’t wait to take part in the 2016 Chief Credit Officers Symposium, as well as other fantastic events hosted by the California Bankers Association.

At this year’s symposium, there will be general sessions to discuss key issues facing Chief Credit Officers and the lending industry in general. There will be panels with some of California’s top Credit Officers, who will share ideas and moderate discussions about a wide variety of topics. We hope to attend every session in order to gain as much valuable insight and information as possible. It always makes a difference in our approach moving forward.

Above all else, we love meeting new people and interacting with leading professionals in the lending industry. It helps expand our own network and establish QuickDraw Fund Control as a reputable fund control company in California’s ever-evolving real estate market.

August 16, 2016
QuickDraw Fund Control