QuickDraw Fund Control Expands “Feet On The Street” To Sacramento

QuickDraw Fund Control, a leading provider of construction fund management, recently expanded services to Sacramento, California, in response to the increasing demand for housing in the region. At the helm is Relationship Manager Steve Board, who has been performing draw inspections with QuickDraw for more than eight years.


Sacramento is booming as a result of the pandemic, and has identified the city as number one in its lineup of “Top 10 Housing Markets of 2021.” For many tech workers who have embraced the work-at-home lifestyle, Sacramento offers opportunities to buy more house for less money, with real estate averaging $284 per square foot, as compared with San Francisco’s $679 per square foot.


Nearby San Jose,’s number two pick for 2021, is also thriving. A tech hub unto itself, San Jose is pricier than most metro areas but remains more affordable than San Francisco.


Sacramento and San Jose offer attractive big-city amenities, but with less traffic and more family-friendly environments than the Bay Area. Both cities are located within commuting distance, making the occasional trip to the office possible.


QuickDraw stepped in to provide active support to its lending and building sector partners as they work to fulfill the region’s housing needs.


Prior to joining QuickDraw, Board spent 35 years fostering customer relationships for such notable companies as Google, Cisco, AT&T, Ricoh, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West and IBM.


A resident of the neighboring of community Carmichael, Board is already a familiar face on construction sites in the greater Sacramento area. He understands the challenges that arise during construction projects and is poised to assist lenders and borrowers through every stage to completion. Board is known for his responsiveness and aptitude for creating fresh solutions to complex problems.


“Sacramento is growing, and QuickDraw is excited and ready to meet the demand,” Board said. “I enjoy helping people and seeing them prosper. We’re committed to making ethical business decisions that are good for the company and good for the people we serve.”


About QuickDraw Fund Control

QuickDraw Fund Control is an intermediary between lenders and borrowers, entrusted with managing the disbursement of funds during construction projects. The firm provides due diligence prior to the issuance of construction loans, manages project costs, and issues site inspections and progress reporting. QuickDraw protects lenders while providing excellent service to borrowers, “making the fund disbursement process a positive experience for all!”

February 18, 2021
QuickDraw Fund Control