QuickDraw Fund Control Completes Custom Home Project in San Fernando Valley

Recently, a complete remodel and renovation was completed on a beautiful custom home in Southern California’s Laurel Hills, Los Angeles neighborhood. 2737 Edwin Place quickly sold for $5,550,000, in only sixty days the project was completed.

This home features a contemporary design and sits atop a hillside with unobstructed 270-degree views of the San Fernando Valley. The land below is protected by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, so it will remain untouched. Just imagine a stunning home that has been completely upgraded with an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, museum lighting, European oak floors and a massive outdoor living area, complete with an infinity pool and spa overlooking the valley below. Every aspect of this home was meticulously done to result in a luxurious living space.

The remodel project took nearly three years to complete. Originally the renovation plans were basic, but it ended up being much more extensive as time progressed. Owners Mark and Susan Caputo, who own Caputo Construction, were also the Builders. “We came into the project mid-stream and worked closely with Mark and Susan to quickly get up to speed and provide the capital the project needed” said Quick Draw’s President Greg Norris

That’s why it paid to have a fund control company like QuickDraw Fund Control involved. We worked closely with the lender and the builder, who has an architectural background, to analyze the construction budget, disburse funds throughout each phase of construction and provide constant on-site inspection reports to track progress.

Lenders turn to QuickDraw for all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction projects because it is our expertise. We keenly understand construction and how construction loans need to be properly disbursed. As the intermediary, we ensure funds are disbursed on schedule as construction progresses. This helps protects the lender and borrower throughout the construction process.

This high-end residential remodel was especially tricky since it evolved into a much larger project than initially proposed. In the end, QuickDraw was able to help facilitate and expedite the disbursement process, so that the builder and lender were able to get the best returns on their investments. Greg added “We really enjoyed working closely with Mark and Susan. They built a spectacular home and we are so happy for their success. It was an honor to be invited and attend the VIP Party”

To see the completed home now in all its beauty is certainly evidence of the difference QuickDraw Fund Control can make.

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January 3, 2017
QuickDraw Fund Control