Meet Stephen Board, Relationship Manager

Steve Board joined QuickDraw Fund Control as Relationship Manager in August 2020, bringing with him more than 35 years of experience fostering customer relationships for such notable companies as Google, Cisco, AT&T, Ricoh, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, IBM and many more.  Steve has won multiple awards for service excellence, reflecting his talent for connection and commitment to creating a seamless customer experience.


Prior to joining QuickDraw full time, Steve consulted the company on numerous projects in the Northern California region. Having built his own home from the ground up, Steve understands first-hand the challenges that arise during construction projects and is ever-ready to collaborate with people to innovate fresh solutions to complex problems. 


From his post in NorCal, Steve will continue to maintain positive relationships with clients and business partners. He has also authored a strategic plan that will carry QuickDraw through 2020 and beyond. He brings top-tier corporate management ideologies to QuickDraw’s small business culture, giving the company a sophisticated edge and the bandwidth to meet clients wherever they are. Two years of training in the acclaimed Sandler method of sales, management and leadership have equipped Steve with the skills to build a better product and better team by learning to think creatively and work cooperatively to solve challenges. His understanding of government contracts further enhances his ability to anticipate client needs before they arise.


A longtime adherent of Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, Steve is constantly raising the bar on his own performance while moving others toward their dreams and goals. He is a careful project steward and diligent client advocate.


Steve and his wife Michelle are proud parents of two fur babies they rescued and brought to a life of love and luxury: a dog named Sonny and a cat named Ashley. At home, you are likely to find Steve preparing a culinary wonder in the kitchen or on the grill. Known as “Stiggy” to his friends (due to an answering machine mishap in the ‘80s), Steve is celebrated as a goodnatured guy with a big heart. He is passionate about helping others and, over the years, Steve has given his time and talents to many worthy causes. He served on Ricoh’s Corporate Diversity Counsel and assisted in writing its diversity statement. He was also the company’s United Way chairperson for three years, during which time he organized numerous outreach projects and events. 


According to Steve, some of the best advice he ever got in life was from his dad, who said, “If you force it, it will break.” 


Steve says, “I believe you can’t force people or clients; you have to adapt and work with them to achieve their goals. I enjoy helping people and seeing them prosper. I’m excited to be part of QuickDraw, surrounded by successful people and clients. We’re committed to making ethical business decisions that are good for the company and good for the people we serve.”

August 27, 2020
QuickDraw Fund Control