Meet Jeremy Noble, Systems Analyst/Software Developer

Jeremy Noble brings supercharged energy and fresh ideas to QuickDraw Fund Control in his role as Systems Analyst and Software Developer. A recent cum laude graduate of Cal State University, San Bernardino, Jeremy worked for QuickDraw while he was earning his degree in computer science. After a stint in med tech following graduation, Jeremy was delighted to return QuickDraw in April 2020 as a key member of the team tasked with helping the company sort its systems challenges and bring its technology up to date.


Jeremy is passionate about creating programs that eliminate monotonous, repetitive tasks and simplify the QuickDraw team’s workload. With his arsenal of creative firepower and mad programming skills, he has taken cumbersome manual processes and created streamlined, automated solutions. One of the projects that Jeremy is proudest of so far is a user-friendly app that stores client data and allows for the easy dispatch of forms to site inspectors. He is currently collaborating with a software vendor and IT company to set up new servers and software that will revolutionize the way that QuickDraw stores information and the environment in which the team works. 


As a result of Jeremy’s ongoing innovations, the customer experience is also becoming simpler and more efficient. Tech improvements will accelerate turn times and facilitate greater transparency throughout the draw process, as clients will be able to see how much money they have and track each stage of their funding schedule in real time. By becoming more involved in the process, clients will have greater peace of mind and an enhanced ability to make proactive decisions.


Part of Jeremy’s job at QuickDraw is to keep everyone on their toes by pushing them out of their comfort zones and into the digital age. As the youngest and undisputedly coolest member of the QuickDraw team, Jeremy has certainly increased QuickDraw’s street cred. Not only does he keep everyone socially relevant and up to speed on the latest technology, he is also a relatable interface for the increasing number of young professionals who are becoming decision makers on job sites.


When he’s not whipping computer programs into shape, Jeremy applies his creative talents to his many hobbies, which include woodworking, pottery, sculpting and graphic design. He says he feels that his creativity frees him from a rigid, corporate mentality, allowing him to think about things differently and form elegant solutions that optimize company resources. Jeremy speaks many languages fluently, including C++, Powershell, VB Script, SQL — and some English. He identifies Gustav Stickley, the father of the Craftsman Style, as his personal hero and says that his own greatest triumph is making a single roll of paper towels last three months.


Jeremy’s keen curiosity inspires him to continue learning new skills. About Founder Greg Norris, Jeremy says, “I spend a lot of time with Greg on site talking to people. I think that part of the reason for the company’s success is that he is able to communicate and form personal relationships. He strikes a good balance of being your friend and being a professional that I’d like to emulate.”


Jeremy possesses a unique ability to step back from the status quo and see ways to make processes simpler and more accessible. He is QuickDraw’s go-to for original solutions with a modern edge. 

August 25, 2020
QuickDraw Fund Control