Livin’ the Fund Control Life in the West Hollywood Hills

QuickDraw Fund Control wants you to know that fund control isn’t all numbers and deadlines. Sometimes, it means being on-site at the swankiest addresses in the nation’s most vibrant cities — like when QuickDraw performed inspection and fund control services at this luxury estate in the West Hollywood hills.


Located at 1851 North Stanley Avenue, this architectural marvel was built by Pillar Building Group for Disco Volante, LLC. The estate’s 13,000 square feet span three stories that are terraced into the hillside as if they grew from it organically.


The ultra-modern, geometric design unites sleek minimalism with West Coast luxury. Plate glass windows and wraparound decks make it possible for occupants to enjoy Pacific sunsets and stunning panoramic views from every vantage point.


In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. And when it comes to location, this place has the kind of street cred that only comes with an address in the 90046. Its proximity to West Hollywood’s effervescent multi-cultural community, the Sunset Strip and the ocean (and maybe even heaven itself) make this home a rare commodity.


It also sits on a little piece of history. Like most cities in SoCal, West Hollywood started out way back when as an agricultural rancho. In 1886, an entrepreneur named Moses Hazeltine Sherman bought a portion of Rancho La Brea in order to build two electric railways that would connect Los Angeles with the hamlet of Santa Monica. At the intersection of the two railways, he established the settlement of “Sherman.”


As the motion picture industry dawned, Sherman went from a railway town to a residential hub for stars working in nearby Hollywood. The movie industry soon overtook the city, when United Artists built its studios near Santa Monica Boulevard. In 1925, Sherman changed its name to West Hollywood, but remained an unincorporated region of Los Angeles County until becoming a city in 1984.


Being unincorporated for all those years had its benefits. With no police department of its own, the infamous Sunset Strip came alive with nightclubs, restaurants and hotels. Legal gambling attracted true OGs like Micky Cohen and Bugsy Segal. West Hollywood became L.A.’s most posh and trendy nightlife destination, and many of its Golden Age venues remain today. Now known as WeHo, this community of 39,000 residents remains an icon of West Coast culture.


Not surprisingly, this project has already gained a lot of attention and will likely be a hot buy when it comes on market. Who will be West Hollywood’s next OG and owner of this stunning residence? It remains to be seen. 


For now, it is yet another epic project by QuickDraw Fund Control!


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March 9, 2022
QuickDraw Fund Control