How We’re Keeping Busy With Projects Across California and Texas

As businesses slowly start to re-open across California, construction schedules are filling up and contractors are heading back to work. An air of optimism is helping propel projects forward and encouraging workers to return with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment.


At this time, we are fortunate to have multiple projects underway across California and Texas. Projects range from multi-family apartments and retail buildings, to townhomes, and single-family homes. The QuickDraw team is actively working with builders, contractors and lenders to ensure projects are completed on schedule and within budget.


Here are a few projects we’re currently working on:


● “Apartment Renovations”, West Hollywood, Los Angeles & West Adams
○ Renovation of multi-family apartments


● “Palm Village”, Palm Desert, CA
○ New construction of two retail buildings and one building pad


● “Jones Ranch”, San Luis Obispo
○ New construction of 43 townhomes


● “Rosecrans Place”, Gardena, CA
○ New construction of 113 townhomes


● “Tigertail Residence”, Brentwood, CA
○ New construction of a custom, single-family home


● “Wilcox Lofts”, Hollywood, CA
○ New construction of 12 townhomes


● “Sage at Ninth“, Upland, CA
○ New construction of 52 townhomes


● “Pacific Coast Highway”, Malibu, CA
○ Renovation of a custom, single-family home


● “7-Eleven” – Plano, TX
○ New construction of a retail store


● “Apartments & Single Family Homes”, North Hollywood, CA
○ New construction of multi-family apartment buildings and single-family homes


Our Role in These Projects


QuickDraw is providing fund control and other related services that may include cost reviews and construction loan portfolio analysis. Fund control is a wise option for lenders with multiple construction projects underway. Both lenders and borrowers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a third party is dedicated to overseeing the entire project.


Our Perspective


QuickDraw is witnessing the extra effort being put in by all parties to ensure the successful and timely completion of all projects. We are grateful for the trust of our clients and remain committed to servicing each project as if it were our own.


June 25, 2020
QuickDraw Fund Control