Greg Norris, President of Quickdraw Fund Control, Makes News as a Private Lending Titan

Greg Norris, principal and president of QuickDraw Fund Control, made news in August when he was featured as a “Private Lending Titan” in the most recent edition of Originate Report magazine. The magazine is distributed via print and digital media to more than 30,000 loan originators, lenders, investors and other professionals in the non-conventional lending industry nationally.


In a comprehensive interview, Norris talked about the evolution of his career in the homebuilding sector, where he achieved the role of Division President for a leading plumbing subcontractor and oversaw a staff of 110 people. At the start of the Great Recession, he recognized a new opportunity in fund control. 


Norris identified business partner Tobi Nieland, recently named QuickDraw’s CEO, as someone who has had a significant influence on his career and who has taught him to “think differently in both business and life. She acutely understands people, business, and how the intersection of both can create opportunity for all and make our company money.”


According to Norris, technology has helped his company remain at the forefront of the industry, contributing to its efficiency and ease of use for clients. The company has been diligent about providing up-to-date information and reporting to assist clients through the pandemic.


Norris is a recognized authority on real estate and homebuilding trends, and his colleagues often look to him for guidance on what is coming next. When asked what he believes is the best type of real estate opportunity today, he replied, “I come from the residential construction side of the business, so I’m going to say entitled lots/land and housing. There’s such a tremendous demand that doesn’t appear to be abating anytime soon.”


Norris listed several things that he loves about working in the private lending sector, among them, meeting great people and creating opportunities for them to succeed. He said that he loves hearing from clients that QuickDraw has played a significant role in the growth of their business. “We’ve changed our own industry and made an impact in the way lenders disperse construction loans. Our decades of experience as both builders and finance experts makes QuickDraw uniquely qualified to work closely with lenders and borrowers alike.”


Whether providing due diligence prior to the issuance of a construction loan, managing project cost and budget analysis, or providing site inspections and progress reporting, QuickDraw Fund Control is proud to be a trusted partner to professionals in the building industry. QuickDraw protects lenders while providing excellent service to borrowers, “making the fund disbursement process a positive experience for all!” For more information, contact QuickDraw Fund Control at: (909) 986-7405; or


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September 22, 2021
QuickDraw Fund Control