Get to Know QuickDraw Fund Control’s Services

At QuickDraw Fund Control, our company’s goal is to reduce construction loan risk, facilitate the quick deployment of capital and provide the lender’s client with superior service. In order to do this, we create well-developed and customized services for all our clients. Interested in knowing what services we can provide? Here are just a few to name:

Cost Review Analysis

It all begins with our cost review analysis services. QuickDraw has a team of experienced financial analysts and contractors who understand construction budgets and determine if it is feasible. Employing our real-time data base of current costs we accurately assess: Are the construction costs sufficient to build the project? Is there enough money allocated in various categories compared with the loan term? What challenges will the site location or geography present? These are issues we carefully review before providing our recommendations. This information plays an integral role in helping you determine if you should approve the construction loan or not.

Client Meetings

With every new Borrower, we have a “Kick-Off” meeting with key individuals at their offices, to review the Site Inspection and Draw Procedures. We tailor and format each budget to mirror the Borrower’s chart of accounts and present them with their own package to ensure they have a clear understanding of the process.

Fund Control

QuickDraw offers a wide menu of fund control services. From a cursory review to complete Fund Control, clients can mix and match, selecting only the services that match their needs for each particular construction project.

Site Inspections

QuickDraw also provides detailed Site Inspections that can be completed at any time, either based upon the Borrowers schedule or at the Lender’s request. Most times, site inspections are performed in conjunction with draw requests. Our construction experts will visit the construction site to make sure each line item request is completed as outlined before the approving the draw for funding. In-depth reports and photographs are provided to the lender to show the progress being made at any given time.

Whatever fund control services you need to facilitate and protect your construction loans, QuickDraw Fund Control is here to help. We serve all different types of construction projects including the following:

  • Residential (Single-Family Homes and Multi-Family Units)
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • New Construction
  • Renovation/Remodeling
  • Land Development

Truly, our team can serve any type of construction project out there. For any service inquiry, just give us a call at 909.986.7405.

March 8, 2017
QuickDraw Fund Control