A Look into QuickDraw Fund Control Through Partners Capital Solutions

At QuickDraw Fund Control, we enjoy creating long-lasting partnerships alongside each lender and borrower client. The amount of experience under our belt has provided us with ample opportunity for repeat business with our lenders. One of those lenders is Partners Capital Solutions (PCS).

Since 2010, Partners Capital Solutions and QuickDraw Fund Control have had a strong lender-to-vendor partnership, as we are the only fund control company that they choose to work with. Partners Capital Solutions is a private equity firm that provides debt products to investors and developers. Their debt products consist of construction and bridge loans. For their construction loan portfolio, we are proud to provide our inspection fund control services. To learn more about Partners Capital Solutions’ testimonial, continue reading, or take a look at our recent video.

The video features comments from Partners Capital Solutions’ Managing Director, Scott Taylor, who proudly talks about our company’s involvement in various construction projects. “We use QuickDraw to go out and handle our inspections of the property and go through all the paperwork to protect us as lending funds are in place,” said Taylor. “They are our eyes and ears out on all of our projects that we have ongoing, which is about 50 percent of our portfolio.”

Taylor continues to talk about the role that QuickDraw has played in establishing strong vendor relationships. “Eighty percent of our business is repeat business,” he said. “It’s important that all of our vendors provide good service, so at the end of the day, that customer will want to come back to us.”

Just like QuickDraw, Partners Capital Solutions believes that customer satisfaction is important in building customer rapport and solidifying relationships. “There are many customers who prefer using Partners Capital Solutions because we use QuickDraw. This helps me maintain my customer relationships and the risk of the portfolio.”

QuickDraw offers valuable observations and understanding throughout any project, and we will happily assist in creating a smoother process. In the video, Taylor details a specific instance in which we stepped in at a time of need, which helped the customer process a draw and reach their goals in a timely manner. “I would refer QuickDraw to other lenders just based off their relationship. I trust the staff and I know their integrity.”

Partners Capital Solutions firmly believes in our commitment to protecting lenders and borrowers by managing the fund control process. We are grateful for their partnership and continued support.

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August 10, 2017
QuickDraw Fund Control